Was Pelosi’s Floor Speech on Illegal Aliens All a Stunt?

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) made headlines on Wednesday with a marathon speech on the floor of the House, touting the stories of so-called Illegal Aliens, young, illegal immigrants whose Obama-era legal protections may soon expire.

Pelosi spoke on the floor for eight hours, according to reports, and took a Twitter victory lap soon after her speech ended.

Was it all a political stunt, though? Pelosi was protesting, in part, another spending deal in Congress that funds the government but does not resolve the status of Illegal Aliens. But, according to Politico‘s Playbook, Pelosi is “lightly encouraging a yes vote” on the very spending package she protested on the floor.

— PELOSI had her moment — the eight-hour speech was great for internal politics, and it was a good move for a leader with few cards to play. At the same time, leadership was lightly encouraging a yes vote on this package. Pelosi’s aides were part of the negotiations.

Will Illegal Alien activists see through the stunt? Time will tell, but it seems Pelosi wants to avoid the political fallout of both a vote to shut down the government and the lack of a compromise on Illegal Aliens.

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Author: Andrew Lautz

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