MSNBC Reporter Tries to Interview Bibi Netanyahu. Gets Trolled Instead!

There’s lots of hustle and bustle going on at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Trump is slated to talk his “America First” policy. Meetings will take place between national leaders. And media is being treated like chitlins with jam-hands, condemned to the kiddie table. At least that’s what happened when MSNBC reporter Ali Velshi attempted to weasel his way into Bibi Netanyahu’s inner circle.

Things got better when he tried again to snag an interview with Bibi Netanyahu after being told to talk to the hand:

“Let me just go over for a second. You can stay with me and we’ll listen to what this conversation is now,” Velshi said before making his way over to the press gaggle surrounding Netanyahu.

“How are you, sir? NBC news,” Velshi said as a security guard stopped him. “Just wanted to speak to — speak to the — if possible — all right, we’ve got tight security here.”

“We’re not going to be able to get any closer to the prime minister,” Velshi concluded.

Velshi talked some more to MSNBC viewers before Netanyahu passed behind him again. “We’re taking a look over here. Prime minister, do you want to come and talk to NBC? We’re live right now. Come and say hello to viewers,” Velshi said as the PM passed.

Netanyahu seemed to recognize Velshi and said, “you’re with CNN!” before giving him a handshake.

MSNBC probably wishes this segment would vanish from the air. Escaping time like Velshi’s hair escaped his scalp. That’s not bald shaming. Okay, maybe it is a little bit.

Bibi had zero interest in talking with the network. Maybe he was in a hurry. Maybe he dislikes MSNBC’s history. Or maybe the silver fox didn’t want to be oppressed by chrome dome’s shiny scalp (last one). Either way, Benjamin avoided that snafu almost as deftly as social justice millennials avoid employable skills.

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