Meghan McCain: At Fox, I Felt Like I Was in this Warm Bubble


Stephen: Now, you’re on “The view” now.

class=”fileinfodata transcriptscrollbox”>I am. It’s so weird. I’m on “The view” for four months and I can’t believe I’m actually on this show.

Stephen: What’s weird about it?

The show’s been on 21 years and I’m the 21st host and there’s something about this show, I had been on so many shows people never watched and couldn’t figure out what channel it was on.
Everyone knows what “The view” is and being the one conservative on “The view” has this weird lure to it and a lot of interesting people have very intense reactions to it. People are, like, I love you on “The view” or I absolutely hate you and you’re ruining my show and it’s an interesting seat to take over.

Stephen: Do you feel like a lamb chop in a wolf den?

I’m really tough. I’m not a Daisy or a snowflake and I can handle it.

Stephen: Do you feel more conservative now that you’re among nonconservatives?

“I worked at Fox for years and when you’re surrounded by conservative, you’re in a warm bubble and it’s, like, everyone feels this way. I didn’t know people were quite as liberal as they are. And every morning it’s, like, why are all Republicans racist Nazis and I’m, like, I haven’t had my latte and maybe we can talk about something else. But it’s a really interesting experiences special in the trump area.”

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