This Man Took 4 Of His Ribs Out So That He Can Button His Blazers, And Then He Brought Them On A TV Show!

After Rodruigo Alves also known as “The Human Ken”, changed his appearance with a lot of plastic operations until he didn’t even look like himself anymore, all this so that he could look like a plastic doll. He underwent plastic surgeries a whopping 60 times and wasted more than 500,000 pounds.

On the last operation he decided that he is going to take out four of his ribs, in so that he could button up his blazers.

In the TV show “This Morning” Alves said: “I have visited three different surgeons all around Europe and the USA, I decided for the one I thought would do the job in the best way possible, and now I am content with my choice. I wanted to take out six ribs, but I was told that this would be very dangerous and nearly impossible”.

He shocked both the audience and the TV hosts when he told them that he took the ribs that were taken out with him in the show. He put them in a see through jar.

“I like to express my feeling through my clothes. I had to pay a man to alter with my blazers, because none of them looked good on me. I took my ribs out because I didn’t want to take every new blazer that I got to my tailor or take my breath in when buttoning it. Yes, the operation was a bit dangerous, and the ribs that they took out don’t have a great function” Said Alves.

But, we must say that he doesn’t miss the ribs much now, all he has to do now is wear a special belt which helps him with additional support for his spine.