Lib Defends Illegals By Claiming ‘If You’re Not Native American Then You’re Not Really An American’

Illegal immigration and immigration inside America general has turned into a hot-button issue in latest days because it is definitely such a central section of the congressional debate around the shutdown. Republican President Donald Trump is attempting to create a security border wall with Mexico, and Democrats want to keep the 800,000 illegal “Dreamers” from to be sent back to their countries.

Liberals have been making bizarre arguments as to why the “Dreamers” should be allowed to stay in the United States, despite the fact that they do not have the right to be here. The newest and most extreme argument that’s been pitched yet is that they should be allowed to stay because U.S. citizens except for Native Americans aren’t really “Americans.”

MSNBC host Joy Reid invited far-left writer Lola Adesioye onto her show AM Joy and the writer launched into a bizarre rant about immigrations, saying, “America is a nation of immigrants – end of story – unless you’re Native American there’s no one here who’s an American person.”

She went on, “You’re an American person. That’s two different things. And so, it’s taking back the narrative and saying that for America’s future, if we’re talking about prosperity, America must work on its immigration policy and be more open, because really realistically, the people who are here now for their ‘make America white again’ thing – they’re not gonna be here in 50, 60, 70, 80, 100 years time. I mean, who are these people gonna be?”

Pushover Joy Reid agreed with her, of course, saying, “Yeah, and there has to be younger people to also pay for their social security – aging country – Europe is having the same problem.” Do you think it’s crazy these liberals are now saying we’re not actually Americans? Watch below:

via conservative101

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