John Kelly Just Revealed the HUGE DETAILS About the Memo That the FBI Fears Most

On Wednesday, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly sat down for a brief interview with Fox News Radio. He started the interview by slamming a high school educator for clearly shaming the armed service in front of a classroom of students.

Kelly was then asked about the memo that has been the subject of many news stories over the past couple of weeks. The interview was just shortly after Trump mentioned to reporters that he plans on de-classifying the memo and releasing it to the public. Ultimately, this memo could prove that the FBI had an illegal plan to take down the Trump campaign.

On Monday evening, the House Intelligence Committee voted along party lines in favor of releasing the currently classified memo, which then allowed the White House a few days to review it before making the next step.

Kelly seemed very confident in his response to the reporter’s inquiry:

“It’ll be released here pretty quick, I think, and the whole world can see it,” he said. 

This is fantastic news for the Trump administration, as it could potentially prove that an unlawful bias has been sset against him from the start. Trump supporters are already aware of the unfair obstruction Trump has undergone, but to have the world finally recognize it would be a major step forward.

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