Grassley on Susan Rice Email: We Legitimately Need Answers Why She Emailed Herself 2 Weeks After the Meeting

PERINO: “We’ll see what they decide to do. It’s going to be a fascinating week. On your committee, in this investigation into the Mueller investigation and all of that, you found a very serious e-mail Susan Rice sent to herself. I am known to have sent e-mails to myself but it’s usually things like don’t forget to pack head phones in your suit case. She sends a note to herself about an important meeting between President Obama and the FBI director James Comey. What have you asked her about that e-mail, and have you had a response?”

GRASSLEY: “We have not had a response. I would expect one very shortly though. At least she ought to respond. Number one, why did she do it 15 days after the meeting took place? What was it in reference to? Why was it? And most importantly, the oddity of it. We didn’t really go after this e-mail. It kind of showed up as a result of some information we got from the federal archives in regard to the trump Russia investigation. And so this sticks out as something that we legitimately need answers to why did she e-mail herself two weeks after the meeting?”

PERINO: “What is the next step for the committee? I imagine that you would get a response from her. Do you expect to call her back for any testimony?”

GRASSLEY: “I think I better wait and answer that question depending upon what she tells us. I don’t particularly like to have hearings if we don’t need them. Probably the next step would be if we brought her before lawyers on the staff for more hearings and get a transcript of it and try to get answers that way. But I would think that she would surely answer our questions. I would hope she would.”

PERINO: “I’m sure she probably will. Senator, we will check back with you later in the week to see how immigration is going. Thanks for joining us today, senator chuck grassley.”

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