Caputo: ‘Obama Weaponized the Department of Justice’ and ‘Politicized the FBI’

CAPUTO: “I listened to what you said leading up to this segment. I am disgusted but I expected it. I have been looking forward to this memo coming out. Thank god for chairman man nunes. He’s endured so much insults from the left trying to stop him in this effort.

Here’s the bottom line, tucker. Barack Obama weaponized the department of justice and politized the FBI. I know a lot of rank-and-file FBI members.

They are all embarrassed about this. The doj weaponized. We saw it go down with the IRS as well. And how the weaponized department of justice went after Congress and Michael Grimm and many others. It’s on its way to happening for quite sometime. We are at the most politicized level of our doj and FBI in my lifetime.”

Tucker: It sure seems that way. I don’t know if you respond to this final question because you are the subject of a lot of attention. Carter Page was the pretext for a lot of this spying on the Trump campaign. I only saw him during MSNBC interviews. He doesn’t look like a credible Russian agent. Did you see any inication he was speaking to the Russians? Anything that made you think he was a mole?

>> No, we never saw Carter Page in Trump Tower. He was like papadopoulos. Volunteers who would come in for one meeting a month. Carter Page, he is legit. Knows about Russia and people in Russia know him. He was in business there. I see him in television. First I would palms up about the guy. Now I feel bad for him. I hear about this memo and I feel angry for him.

Tucker: He said today to a producer at Fox News that he Williams — welcomes the release of the memo. Great to see you.

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