Bossie: Trump’s ‘The Greatest Game Time Player We Have Ever Seen in Politics’

TRUMP: “The era of economic surrender is totally over. From now on we expect trading relationships to be fair and very importantly reciprocal.”
[clip ends]

EARHARDT: “Here to react, former Trump campaign manager and co-authors let trump be trump Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie. I don’t know, I just can’t even say your names without smiling because you all are so fun to have on the show.”
BOSSIE: “Well, thank you.”

EARHARDT: “Your book is doing so well. What was your reaction to the speech last night?”

BOSSIE: “Well I loved it. This was exactly what the president needed to do and it’s exactly what I expected him to do. He’s the greatest game time player we’ve ever seen in politics. He rises to the occasion whether it was the debates during the campaign or these types of speeches, at the United Nations or before Congress. He is the — he is just awesome on that stage.”

DOOCY: “Corey, you are famous for having said let trump be trump. Let him just go out there, make some jokes. Have some fun. Do a lot of ad-libbing. He didn’t do any of that last night.”

LEWANDOWSKI: “I don’t think that’s true. This speech was Donald Trump’s fingerprints all over it weigh was very involved in the drafting with Steve Miller. Top policy advisors. President plan how the economy has been for the last year. Talked about some very serious issues. The Ms 13 issue. When he highlighted the people, in the audience, who had been affected by that terrible gang incidence he said we are going to stop them. Protect your families and other families. That hits home for a lot of people.”

KILMEADE: “129 times he said we. 104 times he said our. Only 29 times he said I. Really trying to be inclusive. I thought something else was interesting. See how the president racketsd what’s in the room. Kept looking over and seeing those men and women standing on the left. The Democrats. Were you keeping thinking he is going to say something are you going to stand for this.”

LEWANDOWSKI: “How do you not get up when he talks about the lowest unemployment for African-Americans in the history of our country and congressional black caucus doesn’t get up and celebrate that. That’s not a Democrat or Republican ideal. That’s a American ideal. Support people trying to make our country better there are things this president has done which are not partisan which are good for the country and he doesn’t get the credit he deserves.”

BOSSIE: “And the military, the patriotic call that he had for rebuilding our military in America’s strength at home and abroad, they sit there on their hands. It was embarrassing for me to watch them.”

KILMEADE: “The president did not bring up Russia. Some were slamming the president. For example, take a listen.”
[clip starts]”

WILLIAMS: “Talk about the issue that wasn’t in the speech and that’s Russia.”

MITCHELL: “And at the same time he doesn’t even mention that Russian threat.”

MEDDOWS: “In terms of the Russia investigation the president obviously didn’t talk about that at all tonight during the state of the union. It looms large over his presidency.”

DOOCY: “It looms large.”

LEWANDOWSKI: “Talking about Russia? If all the people lying Brian Williams talking about Russia. You have got to be kidding me. This guy has as much credibility as Brian Ross does now. You cannot give the president the credit he deserves. I don’t ever remember Barack Obama saying let’s talk about uranium one deal during my state of the union or the Hillary Clinton emails or any of the other things that were going on during thinks administration. The hypocrisy of the media is so outrageous, 74% of the independents who saw the speech said we loved it, we agree with the president. 97% of the Republicans.”

BOSSIE: “Let’s recognize what is a threat to the United States and that’s North Korea. I mean, he did talk about that threat and he used and he reminded the American people about Otto.”

KILMEADE: “Otto Warmbier.”

BOSSIE: “His parents who were in the audience. It was such a heart felt moment by the president and it was an amazing thing and so important to remind the American people about the animals that we are dealing with over there.”

KILMEADE: “Hey guys ‘Let trump be trump’ very interesting book. Corey Lewandowski and Dave Bossie.”

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